finaly a member, intro and new chicks hatched 2/28 3/1


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I live in NC, outside Charlotte, my boys and myself keep barred rocks, EE, RR, white jap's for broodies, formerly OEGB, but they were a bit ill mannered. We keep two boxers, two cats, and four goats. We keep about thirty adult birds at a time between a coop and a tractor and our free rangers. Our only losses since starting last spring have been to the neighbors dog, now chained securely as I supplied the chain, and a redtail on thanksgiving day took my white jap pheonix tailed roo. All else natural causes, or meals. We love our chickens, which are food to us, and pets, and will add pics soon. I fix and repair and reuse all I can, will start a new coup, cedar tree and pallet construction this spring. I raise a large garden which I share with my chickens, the local deer and squirrels, I am working on a fence, natural woven tree limb/ trunk fence for the garden as weather permits, so I can reap my rewards.

I am building my incubator from a medical grade, 2" walled styrofoam cooler, 2'*3'*2', heatsink, fan, wh t stat, twin lights in case of bulb failure. Eggs will be on a hardware cloth tray in cartons that have been trimmed. My question is about turning my eggs. Will a 2"*4" on 2" end moved from end to end of three foot long cooler be enough "turning" of the eggs, done twice daily, when I leave for work, and when I return. I would like to only open bator for candling and will be adding water through a tube.

about three days worth here
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from Ohio. So glad you joined us. I don't know about the 2x4 working but I built two incubators from a styrofoam cooler. I use one as a bator and the other is now a hatcher. What I did with mine is I cut a hole in the side wall of the cooler ( just like you would cut a lid off a pumpkin) about 5"x4" so I could put my hand through and turn the eggs without opening the lid, less heat and humidity loss. Hope it helps.
from Indiana!
I had the idea of "sharing a garden" with my chickens last year... They got greedy and ate everything!
won't do that again!
I'd love to see a photo of your fencing you are constructing. My husband is in the middle of making a fence too that sounds similar. While slightly reminiscent of a pile of sticks, it is comprised of tree stumps, posts and woven refuse wood from our woodcutting projects (the small limbs too narrow to cut up for the wood stove mainly) woven together to make a barrier.

We also have chickens, dogs, cats and goats just like you, but we are near Portland, Oregon in WA state. Welcome!
thankyou, and i will post pics of fence soon. four of eight hatched now 3:20 pm, missed them at work, two more pipped



RR and white jap cross, and BR and EE cross two of each so far.
would my EE hen and BR roo produce, black sexlink young, my new chicks have the spot on the head, see my pics above.

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