Find their balance

sometimes you need to gently dip their beak in the water to show ony need to do that once or maybe twice..and future chicks will follow th elead
leave it there

I always have food/water in the brooder at ALL times..most everyone does..

just dip her beak in it gently..she'll be fine!

however; did u take her out of the incubator before she was dried/fluffy?

do you have a heat lamp going w/the temp about 95
I wasn't prepared for all the flailing in the incubator and it wasn't safe. I left he in as long as I could until she dropped down to where the water was supposed to be. Thankfully it was all dried up and I had been using papertowels. She is in with her own light which is around 95
Did I do something wrong by moving her too soon?

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