Finding myself back to the lovely world of BYC = ]

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  1. Hey Everyone,
    Long time no see![​IMG] It's great to see that BYC has become a place I've come back to again and again, I't's truly a special community that all shares at least one thing in common, our love for animals and our wonderful flocks. (Okay, maybe two things. [​IMG])

    I haven't been on BYC much for around a year or so, life certainly changes , especially in a couple of years .
    When I was away I realized how much this lovely community has played a part in my life, you guys are nothing short of a blessing.

    I used to spend quite a bit of time on BYC roughly a year or two ago, making friends and sharing the same love for animals as everyone else on here. Since then life has definitely picked up, and I didn't really have time or a way to really get on, but I took all the lovely memories with me. I have noticed how the BYC community has really blessed me in great ways, since joining BYC, my love for writing, helping others and a lot of other things has grown, it's been wonderful. I've also met some pretty wonderful friends on here and have shared many laughs, I can't even count them all! [​IMG]

    I know it sounds a little silly but I guess what I want to say is thanks, to everyone for making BYC so great.[​IMG] Thanks for all the laughs we all share on here and the wonderful convos that I carry close to my heart. Even if it was something little we did together or a good laugh we had, thanks. Thanks for being there and creating such a wonderful place full of memories.
    I look forward to the wonderful adventures in store here. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    (Thanks for putting up with my silly note, I just love BYC!! [​IMG])
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    Welcome back! I love BYC too!
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  3. drumstick diva

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    Welcome Back, we saved a place on the roost for you.
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  4. Aw thanks!! :)

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