Finding True Power~~A Horse Story~~


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Mar 31, 2014
Where The Wild Things Are
The lone stallion gazed upon a small herd that grazed in the valley below. "The mares will be mine. The stallion dead. And I, will be king of all the herds!" He thought when one mare caught his eye. A striking young mare of red roan. A wildness unlike anyother blazed in her trail as she circled the herd. "Must be the new lead mare. Not for long!" The stallion reared ad screamed a challang before charging the herd. His work swift as he rounded up the mares biting them and threatening their foals so they would obey. The lead stallion reared and returned the scream but his mares all but on were gone taken by a stallion who moved fast. The lead stallion gave chase but the herd had vanish. Apache wouldn't give up but he would have to rest for now. Whinnying once more he turned and galloped away swearing to find his mares


Strike chased the stolen mares biting them on their rumps to keep them moving. They ran hard and fast trying to leave the cruel stallion chasing them but whenever they tried to branch out of the herd Strike was there biting them and driving them back into the tighly bunched herd. Soon they reached the destanation. A large meadow stretched out before them with a large pond in the middle. "Get use to your new herd! You won't be leaving!" The mares were too tired to care right now. All the poor mares were coated in sweat and panting. Many foals had collapsed and died from the long hard run. But those who remained did not remain long. "All foals must leave. We will not have any Apache spawn here!" The mares cried out in protest and tried to stop him but Strike bit them and forced them away from the foals. Once they were seperated Strike took the foals out away from the herd and abandoned them then ran off a different direction so they would get lost if they followed. Strike returned to his mares and made sure none escaped before going to keep watch.

The red roan mare paced uneasily. She knew well that the stallion had no intentions of letting her and her herd go. They were his prisoners and his new herd. Calista wouldn't give up. Pushing her way towards the outside of the tight circle She reared and whinnied. "We are free to go! He cant control us!" The mares split around the younger mare and ran in different directions but Strike raced his way down the hill and ran circles around them until they were locked back into a tight circle. The mares whinnied in fear as they were herded back but Calista stood her ground. "You want my herd?" She challenged. "The you'll have to fight me!" Strike looked amused. "A mare challenging me? How bold!" He charged Calista but the red roan mare darted to the side and reared striking out with her hooves hitting strike on the back but it didn't stop the stallion. He charged Calista again biting hard on the rump. She squealed and kicked out kicking Strike in the face making the stallion wheel back in surprise. Strike recovered and bit Calista again driving her backwards. "Calista! Stop! Please!" Calista's best friend Gypsy pleaded. "Take care of.." Gypsy's voice trailed off. If she mentioned Calista was close to foaling Strike would killed the foal, Or Calista herself. "Just.. Stop!" Gypsy said again. Calista pinned her ears. "Fine Gypsy. But I'm going to get us out of here. Just you wait!" With that she wheeled around and into the herd.


The young foal paced through the small knot of the other foals. "I'm scared!" Roni said. The bay colt seemed much more calm then the others but Mikki could tell that inside he was terrified. "Roni! Lets go find dad!" Mikki said. She and Roni where the oldest and were about to be weaned anyway. "Mikki are you crazy??" Roni cried.

"Yup! Now lets go! Dad can help!"

"No! You're insane!"

"I'm going with or without you." Mikki ended. "Fine!" Roni grumbled. The two foals went off in what they hoped to be the direction they had come from. Mikki trotting ahead and Roni lagging behind.

The dark bay stallion whinnied again for his mares. Apache knew they couldnt come back but he couldn't go and save them. Not yet. He paced around a little bit unsure what to do. He whinnied again the sound echoing around the hills. Mona the only mare left watched her stallion with concern. "Apache!" She called. Apache wheeled around. "What Mona?" Mona flicked her tail. "Eat please. You said yourself that had had to rest before you go to save them!" Apache sighed. "Mona. Please i'm trying but i-" Now it was Mona's turn to sigh. "I'm concerned about you okay?" Apache flicked his tail. "I don't need concern! I need my mares back!" Mona lowered her head and sighed having nothing else to say as Apache returned to pacing.

Mikki walked with Roni by her side. "Ya'know I feel kinda bad leaving the others." Roni said Mikki looked at him. "Don't be. They'll be fine. I know they will." Just then Mikki saw a river. "Look! A river! It must be the one we go to in the Hot Sun season!" Roni looked doubtful. "Apache wouldn't come here looking for the mares. He certainly wouldn't come here looking for us either." Mikki ignored him and took off at a gallop towards the river with Roni close behind. Soon they reached the river. "It's the same river alright just further up stream." Roni said before bending his head to get a drink. "Then we will follow it!" Mikki announced before also bending her head to get a drink. She lifted her head and looked around as did Roni. "What's wrong?" He asked. "It's.."
Lol! Ya tomorrow morning if its not an RP yet and not many people have have feedback, I can copy the link and tell people about it. I would now but I'm on my iPod so I can't copy or paste anything
Lol! Ya tomorrow morning if its not an RP yet and not many people have have feedback, I can copy the link and tell people about it. I would now but I'm on my iPod so I can't copy or paste anything

Well if you haven't guessed already it's a battle between the two stallions. But Mikki and Roni step in somehow. Calista saves everyone. I'm not sure where it's going. I'm letting the story write itself. If ya know what I mean.

And I will make this a RP I will.

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