finished coop and run!


6 Years
Aug 7, 2013
Western Massachusetts
This morning my husband, two daughters and I finished our coop and run! Our five chicks are 5 weeks old so we immediately moved them out there for the daytime hours. We'll move them back in for the night. But meanwhile they have been having a blast! Dust baths, flight practice, bug hunting... and who knew..... chick sunbathing!

A good day,!
LOL. Sorry for the lack of pictures. Had to wait until my daughter finished her homework on our main computer.

Our little coop isn't anything fancy but I like it and I think my Ladies will be happy there!

Dog in background will not usually be there! LOL

Run is 16'x4'. Domed Top is not quite 5' at the top. Still need a few more rocks on the end.

This last picture is after the Ladies had spent several hours frolicking. Naptime!
Nice! Did you build the henhouse too? Do you have any inside pictures?

Thanks. Didn't build from scratch. Some friends that got us interested in chickens gave us the house. It's a doghouse that they modified by adding the side pop door and the door to the regular dog door. We added the nesting boxes and built the removable screen for the side door. And painted.. haven' taken inside pics yet. There Re two roosts. One that is bit lower and goes across the narrower direction and a higher perch that runs the length of the house.

We also put in some boards at the bottom of both doors to hold litter. We're using sand. Seems like I'm always remembering one last thing. Need to pu in hook to hang feeder from. :/
I guess they're happy! After a night in the brooder they are spending the day in the run again. I went out for a quick errand. When I came back I had a minor freakout because I didn't see them. All five were in the coop - two of them roosting!!!
That looks great! We're planning out our ideas for our run and I plan to use sand as well. I'm getting so excited! I can't wait to see the fluffy butts out there : )

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