Finished Coop!!! Pic heavy


8 Years
Mar 7, 2011
Raymond, NH
Hi All.

My coop in DONE, well just about
I still have to put the hardware cloth on the windows and put the trim up around the windows. Next the run......

I did 95% of everything by myself, my husband is going to do 95% of the run by himself he just doesn't know it yet

Can't wait for the girls to move in!! I hope they like it as much as I do.






Great coop! Love the set up but concerned that the space under the coop will make a good spot for varmits to set up housekeeping in. Might consider raising coop one more block, skirting it with heavy wire, and letting the chickens use it as a rainy day run. At least then you won't have to deal with a skunk or feral cat in the yard. Is the fence far enough from the fence to discourage coons or do you have a plan to wire the run's top?
Thanks Everyone!

Bryan- after we are done nothing will get under the coop, it is solid cinder blocks on the 2 sides outside of our stockade fence with chain link inches away from it. We were planning on skirting it with hardware cloth anyway just to be safe! So far nothing has broken into our fenced in yard from under there, we were careful as we didn't want our dogs to get skunked etc !! Yes, we are building a covered run attached to the coop- just haven't gotten that far yet. But mostly our chickens will free range.

We are so lucky really- Our neighborhood is an island and luckily not many large predators seemed to be able to get here -maybe not even any small ones? I have smelled a skunk a few times but have never heard of or seen a raccoon, fox etc. I have asked neighbors if they have ever seen any and they haven't either. Also we have TONS of geese on the river here and they never seem to lose any babies- it's actually kind of strange.
Maybe we haven't been invaded by critters because they would have to swim or cross a bridge to get to our little neighborhood is that possible I wonder??
my neighbors down the road free range their chickens all day and have NEVER lost one
but we will be careful just in case!!!
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