Fire Ant Baits- How long to keep chickens out of area?


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May 24, 2019
Southeast Florida
After a run in with a fire ant mound and a very uncomfortable ant bitten foot- I put down 4 ant bait boxes.
The majority of the ants are around the concrete pad under our shed. I have put DE all over and have been spraying as I see them. The chicken food is in the shed but is in air tight containers. I finally caved and put out 4 baits ( 3 inside shed and 1 outside but hidden under things) on Sunday. Chickens were next to shed but I moved them about 200 yards away from shed temporarily.

How long should I wait to move them back by shed? The spot I had in mind is about 50 feet from the shed but I know the ants are very mobile.

This is the bait we used
You'd be better off tossing a few handfuls of Sevin dust under the shed towards the concrete pad. Sevin dust will kill fire ants.
I could pick the baits up I suppose. I think I will always need some kind of bait and a contact killer because there are so many and they are so mean!
I'm not sure about fire ants, but came across some carpenter ants in my barn. I put some permethrin dust down and stirred up the area and the next day no ants there. When I was spreading the dust they seemed to be dying and very discombobulated.

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