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  1. We just got done butchering 9 CX. The first 2 were a bit of a learning curve. We made a kill cone out of sheet metal.
    Cut the vein in the neck and let it die.
    We used a canning pot on the side burner from our grill to scald at 150 degrees. We fully cleaned out 2 birds and the rest I just harvested the meat off the bird. That ended up being way faster as I didn't have to pluck.
    We would just breast them out and take the legs, and thighs. The wings had very little meat on them but we got that too. By doing it that way it only took 15 minutes per bird. Full clean out was longer. But most of the chicken we eat isn't on a full bird so why do all that work?
    I do want some full birds for the occasion though.
    Time to order more! Pics to come.

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    Stock is good and there is a lot of great stock like you've never had before to be had from back bone and all those areas of little to no meat not to mention the bone marrow.

    First birds always take a long time. Congratulations are in order and know it only gets easier and way faster from here on out. Which part of processing the bird was taking a long time- was it the plucking or gutting or both? The plucking itself should only take 5-7 minutes. If the water is right temp and you keep dunking and swishing the bird those feather practically fall out. By the handful your pulling feathers, it's the fine tuning that takes a few minutes. Try 155-160 F and check your thermometer with boiling water to calibrate. Honestly, if you wait for the largest feathers to pull without effort then it's a breeze to pluck. Dunk and swish, pull out and check tail feather, dunk and swish....repeat until ready then pluck. The biggest tip on gutting is very sharp knife. Exacto knives were suggested to me once and I'll never look back. Ultra sharp and if dull quick to change out blade. The other key is to start at the throat. Get the crop out and clear/ disconnect everything from the bird. Fillet the membrane attachments. Then when you cut out the between legs and disconnect membrane on that end you can reach right in to grab hold and pull all out at once.

    Congratulations! It's never fun but does get a lot faster.
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