First broody hen

Do i seperate my broody hen?

  • Seperate from flock and bring in

  • Let her stay out in the nesting box

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May 7, 2017
I have a small flock of 4 hens. I have 2 older girls (about 6 month older) and 2 younger girls. All are mature and laying my older girls are year and a couple months old. So one of my younger hens is now broody. Its ny first broody hen. Shes been in the nesting box for almost a week now i take her out 2 times a day for food and water and she goes right back in. Now my QUESTION is should i remove her from the flock and seperate her in a nesting area ? Or what should i do? Do i wait it out or can i break her of this? I dont plan on hatching any eggs. I also have a bully hen who picks on my broody hen when she comes out for water. Im afraid once shes done being broody she will come out unsupervised and get beat up. Any tips would help!!
If she's not going to hatch eggs, it's a good idea to break her of the broodiness. You can put her in a wire bottom cage for 3-5 days....You might want to do a search for "how to break a broody hen." There is a load of good advice, covering all the what if's, what if not's, etc.
Good luck!

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