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  1. Today I started putting together our first chicken coop. It is goin to be one of those plastic sheds u can buy to put storage stuff in with some fencing around it so the chickens can have a run. I just have a few questions before we start putting the chickens in.....first of all.should i clean the ground up a bit in thier run cause there is rock, grass and just a whole bunch of debri (like weeds, dead leafs) and if so what should I put down?? And also I would like to know do the chickens each want thier own coop area or do they share?? If u could just help me answer those questions that would be great! Thank You! [​IMG]
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    Feb 28, 2007
    South Eastern Indiana far as the plastic shed goes...make sure you have it shaded in the summer months, it might get pretty warm in there...does it have windows?? Will you have electric avaliable for a fan in the summer or heat in the winter if needed?

    The yard area just needs to be clear of anything this I mean glass, metal,wire...leaves and grass and weeds are great for them to scratch around in.

    How big is your shed? Idealy you need 4 square ft, per many and what kind of chickens are you putting in there?....and 1 foot per bird for a roost. ( 5 chickens, 5 ft of roost)
    Do you have nest boxes? The hens will need them as well. You will want to put some bedding down on the floor...either straw..or pine shaveings..(NOT CEDAR) Good luck with your project. Sounds like they will be happy in no time out there!
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    First off where do you live. That plastic coop is going to be like and over on those birds if it is not properly ventilated or even better setup in the shade.

    As for the question on the ground inside the run just rake all the debris and junk up before you put them in and that will be fine.

    The chickens share the coop and nest box. They will need a roost to sleep on at night also.

    How many chickens are you getting and what size is this coop going to be?
  4. no the shed is not shades but they will have that run and I imagine that the door of the shed will be open during the summer. I have a hens and 4 of them are sexlinks and 5 of them are leghorns. Thanks u for the other info I will find it very useful.

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