First day for free ranging and I am really nervous!


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Apr 12, 2020
East Central Illinois (Urbana, IL)
So I have done a lot of research on here, and the internet, and I think we are ready. Chicks are 10 weeks, have been in their coop for 4.5 weeks and run for 3 weeks. They consistently go to their coop to roost though sometimes waiting close to dark. We have 2 dogs who pay no attention to them in their coop and run with the smaller pup in the run with me before. She, nor the chickens, cared about each other's presence after a few looks so that went well. The larger pup, 75 lbs, can have a prey drive but is great with recall, distance work and off leash commands. He also has more interest in my attention so easily redirected with a call and, if needed, a show/squeak of a toy. I will play with him beforehand to tire him out while also keeping him leashed during. We will let the girls out after dinner so close to dusk. They see us as treat givers and run to us. They also know my voice and perk up when I call them and come to me if I walk their direction. Can anyone offer more advice? Am I missing anything?? Even though we are excited for this next step, for some reason I am really nervous to take it. Thoughts?

Thank you!

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