First Duck Eggs!


Jan 20, 2020
Southeastern PA
My Coop
My Coop
Hello friends!
We are so excited to announce that starting last week, on the Fourth of July, one of our runner ducks started laying! The eggs are a beautiful color, but they are quite small. I know that the first eggs are typically smaller in size, however, after a week, they still are on the smaller side. Is this normal? Will they eventually be larger? I've included a photo of one compared to one of our chicken eggs. Also, can we eat these smaller early eggs? Thanks so much!
Yes you can eat them. 1 week is not enough for them to stabilize in size. You may end up with some extra large mixed with the small. Wait until next spring to see what size they will be. My runners lay eggs slightly larger than my largest chicken eggs.
Okay. Good to know. I now have two ducks laying. One is laying the blue colored eggs and I think my chocolate runner is also laying because there are light brown eggs showing up too. I think the other 2 ducks are a few days younger so they should be laying soon also! So exciting!

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