First Duck hatch: Day 29

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    Today is day 29 from the time I transferred all my 10 duck eggs to the pre-heated incubator.

    The parents are a male Rouen and a female crested swedish hybrid. I used a small 10-egg incubator

    I candled on day 7 and removed 2 unfertilized eggs. On day 21 the incubator started smelling like ammonia so i did a smell test on each egg and removed 3 more eggs that smelled bad. In retrospect, i should have thrown a couple of these eggs out in the first place because they had a little bit too much dirt on them.

    For the first 20 days i kept temp at 99 and humidity at 55%. I sprayed the eggs with warm tap water once a day and placed them right back into the incubator with the cover slightly off until humidity returned to 55% and covered it back up. this took about 10 minutes.

    On day 28, one duckling pipped and partially exited its shell but died a few hours later. I did not intervene.

    On day 29 I removed one more egg that started smelling bad, and another egg started pipping. a few hours later the egg started visibly drying up around the hole and the duckling seemed less active. I decided to intervene by very carefullly peeling away around the hole and slicing the hardened rubbery white layer with a fresh/clean carpenter knife blade to help the duck. I sprayed the duckling with some warm water and covered the incubator. A few hours later the duckling looked well and dried/fluffy, so i moved it to an enclosure where it is now. plastic storage bin with straw bedding and ceramic heat lamp 30 watts @ 92 F

    that duckling is now eating and drinking on its own and looking alright.

    will update with more info. If i see no more pipping by the end of the day i will likely breach the eggs to check for any signs of life

    I would love to hear suggestions, thank you

    *edit; forgot to mention that since 'lockdown' 3 days ago, i have kept the temp at 98 and upped the humidity to 65 (after having read and heard a LOT of conflicting information)
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    Hi Jacob
    Put the unpipped eggs to your ear and check if you hear them tapping away. Secondly, holding the egg very still, candle them paying most attention to air sac at large end. You should see movement of the duckling and his beak in the airsac.
    If both these tests are positive, I would gently with sterile tweezers (not knives of any sort) help them out the way you did with the first one. If you break a blood vein, dab a little baking soda on it and hold a dry paper towel on the bleeding vein for a few moments then put it back in the bator for a few hours then try again.
    Happy hatching!
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