FIRST EGG!!!! a happy but sad day...

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by SarahF, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. SarahF

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    My girls (DH makes fun of me for calling them that) are 19 weeks, so my DH and I have been checking for eggs for a little while.
    We went away this weekend to the cottage and when we got home last night, low and behold....OUR FIRST EGG! [​IMG] I was so excited. I promised them a treat in the morning and went in the house to take lots of pictures (which i'll try and load later). Ofcourse, I hadn't put anything away from the cottage yet, so as I was putting the food in the fridge, happy as can be about my new egg, and I noticed something at the bottom of my Finch's cage...
    Before I continue, here is a little history on my DH's love for birds... When we were dating, two summers ago we ended up with 9 birds, in three cages at his parents house. We love birds. We have had Canaries, Finches, Love Birds, and Budgies. We kept our love birds out one night, and a raccoon or something got thru the darn cage and ate them. After that (expensive [​IMG] ) disaster we sold off our birds. When we got married, last year, we bought two Cordon Bleu Finches (male and female). We loved them. All of a sudden, one got very sick and died within a month. The other bird seemed very healthy, so we bought a new bird to replace. One month later, the second bird died. I wouldn't let my DH replace him just incase. So after 6 months of our THIRD finch living...we came home to her dead lastnight. My DH was so upset, he nearly cried. :aww
    So the excitement of our first egg was squashed by loosing a family member. Now, we are down to one Canary (who doesnt sing), one cat (who is biting us...any suggestions?), and 5 Barred Rock pullets (who are giving us the most joy so far). Thanks for reading (sorry so long)
    Sarah F
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    Aug 2, 2007
    Carrollton GA
    Congratulations on your first egg!
    One of my chickens laid her first egg last week, now I have two laying.
    Sorry about the finch....I had some finches, but I ended up giving my last one away because mine also died.......I did not want to lose my last one and it did well in his new home????
  3. SarahF

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    Here is the picture compared to a nail polish bottle (closest thing I could grab)

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    Congrats on the first egg...
    Bummer about the finches...I lost my fave at work and was crying my head off. Her name was Rumpless-stiltskin because she had no tail feathers.
    She was a Society Finch and when I took her body out of the cage to put in a body bag, all of the other finches in all of the other cages came over to the back of their cages.It was like they were paying their respect to her.

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