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May 3, 2011
I have 15 Buff Orp. 14 hens and a roo got them as day old April 15 I heard a loud cackling for hen house and found a large egg Isn't this a little early and shouldn't their first eggs be small. Thanks this is new to me
maybe a little early, you'll know in the next few, when i got my first egg it started them all with in a week:)

It's early, but I've read that some others have begun that early. And, yes, normally they start small, however, a lot of new layers will also lay double yolkers as the are getting started. I have a friend with a large, new flock this year and she was getting loads of huge eggs.
My six plymouth rock whites started laying at 3 months. One of them is laying an egg at least 3 times bigger than the rest which are medium sized. I don't know whether I should worry about the size as it is really really large but I don't know which one is laying it as they are all using the same box. Should I be concerned ? Its been steady for the last two weeks.
Two of mine started off with huge, jumbo, double-yolked eggs. Then after that they went down to a small size, and now, after a couple of weeks, the eggs are getting to a more 'normal' size with regular frequency. I've heard this is pretty common.

Good luck with your chicks!
Were any of those that laid huge first eggs on the fragile side? I think my SLW laid her first (can't be sure) and it was fragile on the top. I broke it open to see if it was a double yoke, but it was not, but it the yolk was HUGE! The only others I have ready (almost ready) are White Leghorns so I know it wasn't them. 3 RIR's that are molting, maybe one of them?
No all the eggs have been fine, and double yolks. I am just concerned because I think they are abnormally large. I have never seen anything like them in stores or elsewhere. I have a picture of them with the other eggs . When I figure out how to post it I will put it up. IS there any reason to be concerned about the hen herself.? Will this damage her in any way if she continues to lay such large eggs? And she has laid one everyday for the past two weeks.

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