First egg from my new batch of pullets: who laid it?

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    On April 30th, I got 5 black sexlinks and 4 EE's. In with them is an OEGB that's a month older. I got my first obvious pullet egg just now. It's the size to either be a bantam or a large egg, so I'm a little confused. I have 2 full sized banties and I compared their egg to this and it was the same size, with this one being a little skinnier.
    So, who do you think laid this? Probably not my EEs, but was it the bantam or the sexlinks?

    This was taken next to a regular size egg for comparison.
    I can provide more details or pictures of the hens that might have laid them if needed.
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    It was your game hen. I have 4 at present. They lay surprisingly large eggs for their size.

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