First Egg Oddities.

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    May 9, 2010
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    Good Morning [​IMG]

    So, I was excited to gather my FIRST eggs from my girls yesterday. A brown from my Barred Rock and a green from my Ameraucana. When I cracked them I was suprised to see the brown egg was a double yolk and when I cracked the green there was a SMALLER EGG INSIDE THE FIRST SHELL! Has anyone ever seen this? What causes it? The inner egg was completely formed, looked just like a regular (but small) egg.

    Anyone have any experience with this??

    Thanks for your help!
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    First eggs are often very odd, and for the next few eggs they're just not quite normal. This is normal. Well, you know what I mean. [​IMG] It takes a while for the egg-laying "mechanism" to get everything organized and oiled up well enough to produce eggs with all the right components in the right places.

    Since it takes about 26 hours to "make" an egg from begining to end, and the longest amount of time is in creating the shell, it's not all that abnormal - although unusual - to have odd things happen to the first few eggs for any chicken.
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