First egg today - Now a question!


11 Years
Jun 12, 2008
Yay, had an egg waiting for me this morning!! Now seeing as I am a newbie here.... Do we put the eggs in the fridge or leave them at room temp? And if so on the room temp do we have a certain "time frame" to eat them? Should we wait to eat them until they get bigger and more frequent, or are the eggs good to eat now? Sorry for the cooky ?'s, I'm new to the whole thing... Thanks
I just got my first egg 3 days ago and I was wondering the same thing.. I was so nervous, I didnt want to crack it open. I didnt wash it and I put it in the fridge. LOL I would like to know this too..

I guess we learn as we get to new levels.. I feel confident raising baby chicks but not sure what to do with eggs LOL

and WELCOME.. you have come this far!!
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leave them on the counter till they reach room temp. THEN put in fridge. otherwise, the eggs will 'sweat' and get all wet, causing GROSS bacteria growth. (ack)

they will be fresh on counter for 6 days, or in fridge 6 weeks.

blessings for tons of yummy eggs!
Don't wash them when you put them in the frig. If you want to wash them, wait until you use them. they will last much longer this way, when you don't wash off the bloom.
Congrats on your first egg. I just stick my eggs in the frig. If there is anything on them I use some 220 grit sandpaper.

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