First Egg!!!

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  1. KeiL

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    May 24, 2015
    About a week ago I gathered the girls for a meeting (all but 1 showed up). It had been almost 23 weeks and I had waited patiently as long as I could. These girls needed a little coaching! I showed them a nest box, showed them what it looked like to have eggs (fake) in the nest box, and told them this is what I expected of them....soon! It paid off! A week later I got my firs egg - and look at that beautiful yolk! So. Much. Fun. Love these girls if they never lay, but sure am glad they're starting to!
  2. Free Spirit

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    Oct 21, 2015
    Congratulations on your first egg [​IMG].

    All chickens are a bit different but generally it's roughly 24 weeks before chickens start laying so I'd say they are right on time.

    But on a funny story. I have two geese that are now only 6 mo. old. Geese usually don't lay until the first spring (or thereabouts) after they have matured. When my goose (named Blackfoot) was threatening to bite my husband he said if you don't quit that I'm going to eat you. He was only kidding but she laid an egg three days later (she was only 4 mo old at the time). Maybe threats work too [​IMG] .
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    Isn't it egg-citing?! Many more to come too. Love your pic as well, keep enjoying your girls. [​IMG]
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