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  1. SpicySalsa

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    May 7, 2013
    At 6 am this morning I was awakened to the sound of one on my chickens singing the egg song. I tapped my husband's shoulder and informed him that I believe our black Australorp was laying her first egg. He really could have cared less and rolled over. After the song was complete (it went on for several minutes) I rushed downstairs and out the door to my coop. I lifted the lid of the nest box and nothing but a golf ball was in there. Still convinced that what I heard was the egg song, I popped open the run door and there it was...a teenie tiny little egg. I snatched it up and proudly brought it upstairs to show my husband. He said it was cute and again went back to sleep. About an hour later we found one of our other gals sitting on the golf ball inside one of the nest boxes. I was hoping that when I returned from church I would have another egg but no such luck. My 4 girls turn 20 weeks tomorrow. Disappointed it wasn't in the nest box but an egg just the same [​IMG].


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    Jul 17, 2013

    we too just picked up our first hens yesterday....and found an egg in our coop after was not in the nesting was in the sawdust.....our ladies are full grown hens...but is was still exciting!...they are a Golden Comet....picked up 2 and the guy said may not eat or lay for 2 weeks....doing both within 24hrs....guess thats good


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