First eggs and, finally, who laid them!

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    I'd been aniticipating the first egg for several days. For a nest I set a homer bucket on its side in the run with some pine shavings and stabilized with a brick. All the girls had taken a peek inside the first few days.

    When I got home from work Saturday afternoon, I let the girls out to have the run of the yard. I set the irrigation for the new plantings in the backyard, and when I came back in less than 5 minutes, someone had left a medium size (comparable to grocery store sizes) light brown egg in the back hallway on the tile floor (I always leave the back door open for the dogs in nice weather).

    I wasn't sure who laid it: the golden comet (20 weeks) had only started squatting for me the day before; the black australorp (22 weeks) had been squatting for a week. Both hens had been in the hallway, but the GC was still in the kitchen when I discovered the egg. Neither girl cackeled or sang or spent any time at all in laying the thing, apparently.

    Sunday--nothing--tho' I did eat the first egg for breakfast. How rich and yummy it was!

    Monday, mid morning, someone had left another medium light brown egg in the run on the bare ground under the hanging feeder. And then, in the mid afternoon, I found a small light tan egg in the nest I'd prepared. but again, I couldn't place the credit with either the GC or BA.

    Late Tuesday afternoon, I found the BA tucked away in the back of their roosting box (an old plastic doghouse). The other hens would go in and talk to her for a minute in those little sleepy chirpy voices, and then leave. She sat in there for about 10 minutes, and then left without a word, but a small/medium light tan egg lay where she had sat. I also noticed when she came out her comb and wattles were very pale. It took about 15 mintues for the normal red color to return, otherwise she scratched around as happliy as always. The GC took a dustbath and then spent the rest of the evening until dark scratching around, but she acted as if she was uncomfortable--I could tell she was clenching her vent and wagging her tail back and forth a lot. She reminded me of a toddler trying to hold back a big poo while continuing to go about his play until he can hold it no longer.

    Wednesday morning at 7:00 when I let them out to their run, there was another medium, brown egg in the roosting box. So, undoubtedly, due to the timing between this last one and the previous, I figured the GC was producing the medium brown eggs and the BA is giving the smaller tan eggs.

    How long does it take for the eggs to scale up to the size that is supposed to be normal for the breed--"large" for these two, say the books?

    They all get free-choice grower-finisher feed from the local Southern States dealer, with some additional weeds I pull and limited kitchen/table scraps, a handful of whole oats a day for entertainment in their run, plus a container of oystershell available at all times. They spend about 3 hours on average a day free ranging through piles of leaves and mulched beds.

    The silver lace wyandotte (20 weeks) will probably be the next to go--she's getting redder and redder in the face every day, though she's much more skittish than the others and won't let me come near enough to tell whether she'll squat. The EE (20 weeks) is still shell pink in her comb and still rather gangly and much younger-looking and -acting. Neither of them has much interest in the oystershell, whereas the AL and GC gobble it down as fast as they can.

    I can't believe how exciting this has been![​IMG]
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