First eggs! But.... who's laying what?!

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    May 15, 2012
    I have four chickens, just starting to lay eggs. The first to lay last week was my Wyandotte. It was the cutest little brown egg [​IMG] And then the day after, my Easter egger laid hers, ofcourse a bluesh green color.
    I also have a Jersey Giant and a Buff Orpington who havnt started laying yet... until today I think?

    The wyandotte laid hers early this morning.. I watched so I'm positive it was her. And then the Easter egger went and started nesting... I went to take a shower, and when I came back there were 3 eggs in the nest and the easter egger was running around doing an egg song, haha! I assume the other two got in there and had their first eggs.. however, there were TWO blueish green eggs (not very light brown.. definitely blueish green) and one brown one....

    So either the Easter egger laid two eggs, or the Orpington or Jersey Giant either laid the wrong color egg (both are supposed to lay brown eggs...) or they arnt the breed I thought they were. I got them all from a farm store, and I'm sure they labeled their breeds correctly.. I hope! They sure look like the correct breed...

    Is there a possibility that the easter egger laid TWO eggs at once?! Or are all of my girls laying now and someone just has the wrong colored egg...? hahaa I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if 2 white eggs show up again...
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    What color is the Jersey giant? Is there any variation on the buff's coloring? I've never heard of a chicken laying two eggs in one day, but I don't want to discount the possibility. When we butchered the hens when I was growing up, it was interesting to see the eggs in there... one fully formed with a soft shell, the next barely with any membrane, the next just a yolk... Is there a chance she laid one egg before dark last night?

    ETA: I searched and found this thread, which talks about chickens laying two in a day.
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    Do you mean green? Cause no one you have should be laying white eggs [​IMG]

    I'd say post a pic of your birds and we'll tell you what breeds they are. There are some pretty buff colored easter eggers out there that have fooled folks into thinking they're Orpingtons, so that's my first guess.

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