First eggs - Chicken or Duck?


7 Years
Sep 16, 2013
Hi there. I know this is probably a dumb question but is there a way I can tell if these eggs are from my chickens or ducks. I know that duck eggs are bigger than chicken eggs but since these are the first eggs from any of them and they are always together (the chickens and ducks) I'm not sure who laid the egg(s). One from yesterday (smaller) and today. The chickens and ducks are the same age (about 20 weeks). The bigger egg is about the size of a jumbo store bought egg. Thanks.

Our chickens are Easter Eggers and the ducks are Rouen and Khaki/Mallard mix.
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the little egg does have one of those easter colors, not always blue, I have had diff colored eggs from ducks. my rouen was an off white colored egg, my rouen/call mix was smaller egg, almost green. now I have a rouen/call/cayuga mixed duck to young to lay.

love your pics! I was thinking that the bigger egg was too big to be a chicken egg, especially for just being the second egg. Would the duck lay one like the small one for its first egg, I'm not sure. The color does seem like it could be an EE color from what I've seen. I love your avi pic!!!! are those from your chickens and ducks?
my ducks eggs :)

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