First Eggs! Definitely chocolate colored!

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    Just got 2 black copper marans and 1 blue copper maran yesterday, 6 months old. They're in quarantine of course, since we also have 7 assorted 9 week olds out in the Big Girls Coop. Totally expected they would stop laying eggs until the stress of moving to our place wore off, maybe even until they were out of quarantine. But NOPE, 2 out of 3 laid eggs already today. Yay! They are sweethearts and absolutely not a peep from them. That's why I knew something was up when I heard cackling going on! Keep your fingers crossed that they make it through quarantine without any major obstacles, as I have already fallen in love with them.

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    Nice color! My marans eggs aren't as dark as I thought they would be, but she does lay consistently larger eggs than my other hens. Congrats on your eggs!
  3. TheCrazyChick

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    Hen #3 laid this afternoon, so 3 for 3. I am very pleased!

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