first eggs


11 Years
Dec 28, 2008
Sandy, Utah
We've gotten 3 eggs in the last 24 hours from our 17 yr olds. They are small and distinct different shades of brown...2 dark and 1 light. Will the eggs get bigger? Can we eat these first ones? Will the same chickens (2 barred rocks and 2 red sex links) lay the same color? This is exciting. My wife loves to hear the squawk....she runs out to see if she can see who laid it.
You have 17 yr old chickens?
WOW.... only kidding I am pretty sure you ment 17 weeks right?
Congrats I am still eggless mine are 13-14 weeks but we are getting close their combs are turning more and more red
Oh and yes you can eat them and they will get bigger in time. Enjoy...
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It is exciting when you get your first egg. When I found my first one, I thought for sure my husband or one of the kids was pulling a prank on me.
I wasn't really expecting mine at 17 weeks because the average is about 20 weeks.
I had to call them at work to make sure someone hadn't slipped one of the eggs I buy at my co-op into the nest.
I am jealous. My RIRs are about 18 weeks old but .... nothing. I keep anticipating when I can go out and see that first one laying either in the nest or on the floor or anywhere I don't care.

I have two more groups that are 6 week old mixed reds and 7 week old black sex links so I have a while before they are ready. I also have Indian Runner ducks that are about 11 weeks old so I have a few more weeks for them too.

The anticipation is killing me!!!!


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