*First EGGS!!!*


8 Years
May 26, 2011
North Carolina
YAY I have been waiting sooo looong! I was only expecting ONE egg but instead I find 5!! It looked like easter in the hen house!!

They were all strutting around soo proud of themselves!! Haha!!

Will post pictures later!!
Yay!! Congrats! I found my first nest of eggs this week too. My girls had been laying them under the nesting boxes, so I didn't see them. It wasn't until I lost one of my girls in the yard. I looked for her everywhere.....only to finally find her under the nesting boxes sitting on a nest of 5 eggs! She and another one of my girls went on to lay another egg that day. So in one day I went from no eggs to 7, so I know your excitement!!
Yes!! You wouldnt think that we could get so excited about eggs! My Mom you wouldve thought I layed the eggs!! Haha~
Wow! That's amazing! We have 9 girls, but only one is laying so far, so we are patiently waiting for the day when we open the egg doors and find more than one.

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