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Jan 8, 2019
Marion, TX
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My 8 month old roo decided to come up behind me as I was walking and got under my foot. (I believe he was being aggressive) When I realized he was under my flip flop, I heard something snap (eerie sound). He is walking with a limp and I noticed today it has swollen up. There is a couple scales that are darker and open in one area (where it was bent backwards is my guess).

I wasn't able to find but one video on wrapping a chicken foot for bumble.
I found several article talking about a pipe cleaner, vet wrap & electrical tape. Does anyone have a link to a more descriptive with pictures or videos? He is not isolated, he is moving around with the ladies but a little slower. Feel really bad :(

Is this not bad enough to warrant a pipe cleaner splint? Will it heal on its own?


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To be honest, I think it will heal on it's own, but I would be more concerned about the break in the skin getting infected. Clean it well, apply a little triple antibiotic ointment, then wrap as you would bumblefoot extending down the toe to stabilize it a bit.

For me, I would fiddle with pipe cleaner, etc. just wrap and stabilize the foot. I would be more concerned with the break in the skin getting infected. Clean it with Hibiclens (Chlorhexidine) then apply triple antibiotic ointment. Wrap like you would for bumblefoot, but down the toe a bit to help cover the damaged skin and stabilize the toe.

DO check the wrappings at least once a day and with the skin break, I wouldn't let it go for more than 2 days without checking to make sure there's no infection. Wraps can twist and tighten or even loosen. Heavily soiled and/or wet wrappings need changing more frequently.

Here's a Splinting manual that you may find helpful if you decide that he needs more than a wrapping.

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