First guinea egg hatch, need help!!


5 Years
Mar 26, 2014
This is my first time to hatch guinea eggs and this is the first lay for my guineas . We candled on day 14 and ended up with 15 good eggs (I think, as far as I could tell). We are in lockdown right now and tomorrow is day 28, hatch day. I have had one hatch on day 26, and one tried to hatch, but didn't make it I guess? It has quit trying to come out of the shell, maybe it "shrink wrapped"? I am not sure why this would have happened though, the humidity has been at 70% (I have two hydrometers that both read with in 5% of each other).

I have 2 others that have been piping for 24 hours, but have not hatched yet, is this normal?

And when should I take the hatched guinea out? He is getting kind of crazy knocking the other eggs around, it has been 24 hours.
i always take the dried chicks out once they hatch and it is completely normal for a chick to pip and then not do anything for hours or even days it sounds like they will hatch fine
enjoy the babies
Today was hatch day, I had one hatch last night and he made a mess everywhere with the yolk. The incubator is not very clean anymore, should I be concerned?

We still have 13 that still have not hatched, there is no pipping or peeping :( Maybe I am being impatient?

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