First Hatch!!! Eggs started chirping last night!!! Still no Chicks!!


8 Years
Mar 6, 2011
Alright BYC pros, I need some experienced advice please, chirping late last night and still this morning!! They were put in on the morning of February 17th and are due to hatch today!! Is chirping for 12 hours with no pipping ok? Help please!

Thanks in advance, iron man silkie (30+ eggs, mostly silkies form Ebay)
It can take upto 24 hours from a pip on the egg til the chicks start zipping out. Patience!!!
Working hard with a straw and a vent hole to keep humididty above 55%/60% (old fashion finger on top of straw dipped in cup of water suction method). I feel the same way I did when I had to wait in the waiting room when my sons were born!!! lol (humididty was 55% during incubation)
I set eggs in my incubator on February 16th and don't hear chirping. Should you be able to hear it through a styrofoam incubator? A couple of the eggs look like they are moving though. Help! This is painful!
Ok i had to laugh a lil i also recently did the straw thing! Just hang i nthere - i tried to follow friends advice - walk away - sit on your hands - whatever it takes - patience! Good luck!

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