First hatch! Observations and pictures!

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    So I made a home made 'bater about 21 days ago [​IMG] and this morning the one of 9 eggs that developed hatched! In the beginning I was adding 1-2 eggs a day and at first my temps were very inconsistant and got over 106 a few times. I guess by the time egg 9 was added I had got it settled down enough, thankfully. So first the pic's.

    Last night it had piped a very small chip in the shell. By this morning the hole was a little bigger and it's beak was sticking out:


    It went from the small hole to zipping really fast and hatched within 20 minuites! The egg rolled into a corner and I couldn't get a pic of it zipping. Thankfully this part went fast, I have literally been staring at this rocking egg so much the last few days if it took another day to zip it would have driven me crazy.

    So this pic was taken about 1 second after it pushed out of the shell!


    Lastly here's a pic of the chick fully out of the shell:


    A few observtions:

    I'm sure stable and correct temps are important, but in this case first I had high and low temps, then on day 10 I moved the egg to a still air 'bater with turner until lock down, then once back in the home made 'bater in lock down a bulb burned out and temps dropped to the low 80's on day 21! So the point is don't freak out if you have a few issues, all is not necisarrily lost. ( disclaimer: I did lose the other 8 eggs but I am sure that was due to temp spikes in the first week or so)

    The humidity at hatch was around 57%. I had to open the 'bater numerous time in the last two days to add wet rags and monkey around with the thermostat. The temps got screwey in the last day and I had to add a higher wattage bulb, can't explain why, but the point is the egg still did fine. Dont stress if you have to make corrections or have issues!

    Lastly, the egg was due Friday and hatched Sunday. Also it rocked for about 3 days and cheeped yesterday. I was stressed that it was stuck in the shell. Lesson learned that they can rock for days and should hatch in their own time, just relax and let it happen!

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    [​IMG] Congratulations. Very good job on the bator too. Congratulations again [​IMG]
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    Great info! my first batch goes into lockdown tomorrow!

    i have a huge homemade incubator & have 48 eggs cooking now. I'll be thrilled if half hatch & eggstatic if more do.

    I didn't know they rolled around. That's cool. I'll be watching for that.

    I've got to set up the brooders today so they are ready.

    congrats on the chick!

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