First Hatch


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9 Years
Feb 13, 2010
east point
My first eggs went into the bator about 3 this afternoon, i have bc marans, birchen marans, gold polish, saomon favv. and black ameri. everything looking good, two ther, reading the same , humididty right now is 44, and droping a little, everything seems norman....crossing my fingers, for a decent hatch...these are all good looking eggs from very good breeders.... wish me luck...Robert
Sounds like you've got a nice variety there! Good luck with the hatch! I'm hatching my first chicken eggs too--put them into the incy on Friday morning.......I've got a Hova Bator 1588 with an auto turner. What kind do you have?
the same came pre adjuste... but you never know about these temps...everyone seems to have such trouble...

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