First Hawk Attack

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    We have nurtured 4 chickens since their arrival as peeps in June. They are on the verge of laying eggs. My husband (in his infinite wisdom) has figured out when they do start laying, the cost per egg should run us around $25.00 each! He is a real comedian!

    Anyway ...

    ... yesterday I heard piercing screeches coming from the yard ... I looked out the window and saw 3 of the girls running for their lives.
    When I opened the door, a hawk flew up from the ground and over the fence. My heart stopped because I thought for sure the 4th pullet was dead meat.

    She was under the deck overhang , but in a daze. I tried to catch her but she kept walking circles around me. Finally, I herded her to the coop and covered run. She was eager to get inside. When I opened the coop door to examine her, she was crouched on the floor. I lifted her up, checked for any damage and couldn't see anything but she appeared to still be in a daze.

    Meanwhile, the other three came running to the coop - squawking up a storm. Upon inspection of the run, they quickly went into the coop to join their "sista." They had quite a conversation. They also stayed in the coop for the remainder of the afternoon (which is not normal during daylight hours).

    This morning, I noticed no one is out in the run yet.
    Could it be:
    a) It's 28ยบ and very nippy
    b) They're still traumatized by yesterday's events
    c) They froze overnight

    Sure wish we had a coop webcam!
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    May 22, 2009
    North Central Florida
    P.T.H.D. post tramatic hawk disorder.

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