First hawk experience!

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  1. lulumammato2

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    Feb 7, 2011
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    Oh no, I think my chickens have been spotted! I had just gotten home friday morning from dropping my son off at school ,when I got out of the car I heard crows making a huge commotion.I looked up in my neighbors tree and the crows were divebombing and circling a horned owl then a few seconds later i herd the unmistakable shriek( or whatever you call it) of a darn hawk! The crows chased the owl across to another neighbors tree and as I was watching that I heard another hawk in the backyard neighbors tree!So 2 hawks and a owl all in the same morning, luckily the girls weren't out yet but they had been out all day the two days before this, now i'm afraid to let them out without me being outside. I know owls are noctournal(?) but what are hawks?Is there anything i could put out to deter them?
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    Personally, I think the best hawk "deterrent" is having lots of cover available for your birds - shrubs, small trees, outbuildings, etc. Some swear by hanging old CDs around from trees, lines, etc. They say the moving shiny reflection throws hawks off...
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    I use cds and also hang bird netting all around the yard. It seems to help.
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    Mar 21, 2011
    scary, i remember my first experience was when i was a elementary student and i went to the park and saw a bird with a chick in its mouth and it was mines so i cried and ran after it but of course it was in the trees but me and my grandma threw rocks at it until it finally dropped our baby chick but it was dead
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    Feb 1, 2011
    Once there was a hawk circling my flock and then all of a sudden I heard all of my ladies running into everything in their way and a fly of feathers and I saw the hawk itself swoop down straight down and try to attack my girls!!!!! It scared the heck out of me!! But fortunately he didn't complete his mission. [​IMG]

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