First integration successful....... so far.

I just integrated my first bunch last Friday, so I've been on my toes all week, too. Good luck with yours! I've just been keeping an eye on signs of blood, feather-loss, and signs of excessive stress. Hope they can learn to play nice!
Thanks for the advice !!! So far so good. The little one that was getting pecked at the most finally decided he/she wasn't going to put up with that anymore & started jumping back into the faces of the would be bullies. They pretty much have been steering clear of him/her now. The really funny thing though is that last night is the first time that I've seen ALL of the big girls on the roost. Them on the roost & the 3 turkins on the floor.
One thing I did do to, hopefully, dissuade aggression was that I put my roo from this batch in with the girls that I added. The ladies used to have a roo, so they are familiar with the idea, but I was hopeful that a new one who knew the new littles might help protect them a bit. I don't know, we'll see.

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