First introduction to chicks - Love it :)

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    Dec 10, 2015
    Hi all!

    I have been helping out on a farm for a number of weeks and about 3 weeks ago I was asked to big out some big eggs and look after a broody hen. I have been feeding and looking after the hen house since and monitoring the mother obsessively to make sure she is ok :)

    Unfortunately I leave tomorrow! I have made a maternity run as the last lot apparently got eaten by rats and have been keeping the batch safe from other broody hens.

    It has been probably about 18-19 days and as such I was not expecting to see any chicks. Today, another broody hen got in a fight with the mother so I moved the intruder. I accidentally dropped her on the eggs and I noticed one was cracked and she started pecking at it. In a panic I picked it up and it was moving slightly so I put it back. I monitored it for a while but noticed it had stopped moving. The owner told me to take it out of the nest if it was dead. I tried to rub it very slightly but it was too late. I can't help but feel I killed it accidentally which makes me very sad and guilty :( Should I have just left the other hen in the nest? It was a rookie error I'm sure :(

    Nonetheless, I went back this evening and there is one chick fully out of the egg, another emerging and 10 more to hopefully hatch!

    I am disappointing I won't get to see them properly hatch or grow even in the next few days but am happy I got to see at least one born! I now have plans to eventually have plenty of chickens of my own :)
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    Welcome to BYC. You did what had to be done, and an accident occurred. It would have been far worse if you had not removed the intruding hen. She may very well have killed all of the chicks. Too bad you won't get to see the hen raise the chicks. It's one of my favorite things about raising birds.

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