First "lockdown" ever today! Update - one has hatched!


7 Years
Apr 1, 2012
Today is day 14! I have about 24 eggs in and really excited to see how many hatch. I'm guessing that means they should start to hatch around April 15th.
Awesome! I'm incubating my first batch of coturnix quail as well I'm on day 16 and so far 3 eggs out of 17 have pipped but no hatches yet. I'm hoping I'll wake up to some furry little chicks in the incubator
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I hope both of you have more chicks as of today. One quail hatched this morning and one is pipped. I can't get over how tiny it is! We are hoping to wake up to at least a couple more. I'd like this little guy to have a couple of friends to go in the brooder with it.
12 eggs hatched for me, still have 5 eggs left I doubt they'll hatch though( no pips, no movement) but I'll keep them in the incubator a couple more days
Dieselchick and montverdechick do either of you remember what day you had your first hatch and what day you had your last quail hatch? I've still only had 3 total hatch and no other pips and this is out of 24 eggs. The last one hatched over 24 hours ago.

The first two hatched day 16, then one at the end of day 17. Now it is the start of day 19 and nothing else is going on. I'm beginning to wonder if that's all that's going to happen.
Well, very disappointed with how things went.

Out of 27:

3 hatched, but one died, and of the two alive one is kinda sickly
1 died at pipping
3 were partially formed
20 were yolks.

So, not sure how soon I'll try incubating eggs again.

These were shipped eggs so I knew it would be a low hatch rate, but I sure didn't think it would be this low.

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