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May 6, 2015
After coming home from rescuing a puppy last night, I found only 2 of our 5 chicks left in the coop to be put to bed. :( At first I thought they just left because the water hose had also burst and flooded the yard and the coop. But since the rooster and our only yellow one were still in the coop and were acting very strange(distressed) I think it might have been a predator. The back panel we had to keep them out of the nesting boxes had been knocked out/over and it was a mess in there. I can not find any trace of them on our 1/2 acre.

We bought a coop from TSC because we thought it would be better than what we could build right now. Only come to find out after it was put together, there was no ventilation in the hen house/roost. So until we could cut and add a window for ventilation, we were leaving the top of the nesting boxes propped open a little with a panel to section them off with about 1 in clearance from the roof for air to go through. The chicks were about 6 weeks to out best calculation and had been out side for a few days with no problems.

This is the coop we bought and then added a run to it.

Wondering any ones thoughts. Did they run off because the flooding or possible predator attack? Our land backs up to a thick wooded area that we have seen owls, hawks and other forest creatures.

I honestly feel this was avoidable if I had just closed the top before we left, but then they would have burned up in the roost. I was in tears last night as I couldn't believe this happened to my babies i spent the last 6 weeks raising. I know things like this happen but it still makes me sick to my stomach. I loved those little girls. We are newbies but have wanted chickens for a long time, and finally made the plunge this year. Advice is always welcomed, PLEASE!

Thanks in advance!
Sorry for your loss ,but yes, it sounds like something came and took your birds, which is why coops have to be secure. Make sure the nesting box is LOCKED DOWN now and if you want to add safer ventilation, do it on the front side of the coop that is enclosed by the run. You could also remove the door and put hardware cloth over it if you need an emergency fix until you can better address the ventilation issue.
OMG i am so sorry for your pain and loss. I know nothing can take that away right now. You certainly have come to the right place to get plenty of HUGS!!! How many chickens do you have? what kind are they? how long have you had them? I'm new to this... I have learned so much in these last 25 days... I have 2 eggs still in the incubator that I am going to terminate tomorrow morning... I have had a dickens of a time keeping the temp accurate and nothing is happening... one cochin and one brahma... they don't stink but I think they may be dried up. can't see much by candling to tell ya the truth. .... I'm here if ya wanna talk. ...Sharilyn
Thank you so much! I just cried and wanted to throw up last night, of course hubby just laughed and thought I was funny. We are newbies to although we didnt hatch ours, my husband went into TSC for a mower belt and came out with the last 5 chicks. ted them along time but figured since we were looking to be moving soon we should wait, ha ha. SO we HAD 5 bantam chicks, I assume they were a few days old when we got them. At 6 weeks they were flying around the house and getting board so we went ahead and moved them outside. They have been happy chicks ever since. So obviously I was down to 2 last night, so i hopped online and found some more. My 2 boys have been the ones mainly caring for them and they were heartbroken this morning. My 4 yr old said "well I guess we have to get some more" LMAO so I did. We had 5 bantams, 4 black cochins and a yellow/white silkie(we think). So we were down to the 1 rooster and the silkie, and I went got 4 more bantams this morning. 2 more black and 2 white cochins.
Oh WOW a white cochin!! so lucky! they are so beautiful! You did good going out and getting more. Your silkie looks like my silkie... it was supposed to be a bearded pure white show quality... but it's yellowish tint which makes me believe it's the porcelain color instead... my Ebay purchase was all wrong... sweet lady but ALL WRONG... LOL... live and learn. I have one little brahma with two fused toes and unfortuntely I can't separate them because they appear to be one bone and I just noticed there is a peck of blood on it now... so since I now just finished my dinner I am going to go check it out and figure out what needs to be done. I called my vet and got the name of a chicken Dr. that travels. I will take a pic and post it online too and maybe get some advice here. Glad you got some new babies and HUGS HUGS HUGS TO YOU ALL!!!
I am so sorry for what has happened to you. I know all to well the tragedy,

The coop from farm and tractor supply isn't very secure. I have had raccoons actually dig underneath mine to get to the chicken. They also can lift the back lid if it;s not locked and create some heinous carnage unlike I've never seen before. I tried to build my own coop using lumber and chicken wire, but still, something tried to pull the chicken wire away from their mounts and get at them. It's such a huge project of trial and error if you live very rurally. Best of luck to you.
I have the same coop from tractor supply... I thought it looked safe :(
Mine is inside a chicken wire fence that's surrounded by a chain link fence that's surrounding d by another chain link fence.
I thought I'd only have to worry about stray cats since we live in the suburbs.
Maybe I need to rethink security and make it impossible for anything to burrow underneath.
Does digging and putting fencing underground work?

Sorry for your babies :( it is devestating to lose them.
We lost one tonight from extreme constipation and my kids cried so much, their tears soaked the flaps on her box :'(

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