First losses to a predator. What am i on the look out for?


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I sent my poor DD out to collect eggs and she came back in screaming. My first thought was she may have been bitten by a snake. It turns out that all 5 of my young (2-3 months old) polish were lying decapitated in thier run. There are no animal tracks in the dirt. There were blood drops on the top of the fence. They were all in a group. But my three adult polish in the same run were unharmed. Is there a flying predator that would do this? the heads are completely missing.
Missing head is Opposum.... or I have even heard of weasels doing that. I'd set a live trap with some ground beef in it (raw of course) or cat food...

I got a raccoon that comes by from time to time... they take the whole thing... about once every 5-7 days. Won't go in the trap... but the hens do! lol

Sorry for your loss, but we all must remember... the animals were there before your house.
Red rock canyon state park is not too far from you I imagine they could tell you what kind of carnivores you have out that way my guess would be bobcat/yote just south of you you are covered in wildlife rehabilitation centers maybe something in their charge got loose
I don't think it was anything too big. No track marks at all. The dogs never barked and I'm pretty sure at least one was outside. DD#2 was outside in the front yard and did not hear a thing. A friend on Facebook suggested it could be a snake? We do have a lot of those out here.
Snake would have eaten the whole thing. Most of the time, mass killings mean something is trying to reach in and pull them out, and not actually getting in... especially if the heads are missing.
i'd also guess raccoon or weasel. and also say that raccoons have spread pretty much anywhere people are, you might just not see them.
set up a live trap and see what you get. i'm sorry about the loss, and your poor daughter

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