First post. need some help with my coop/tractor/run


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Mar 5, 2011
I have been browsing around on the site and forum and still have a few questions. I am wanting to build the coop/tractor/run as cheap as possible, I have allready aquired about 20 wooden pallets that i planned on using in my design. I plan on building the bottom section of fence with pallets 4'x4' in size and 4 pallets x 2 pallets foot print which will equal 16'x8' which on one end I will build up a coop 2 pallets tall and 2 pallets long (only top section will be coop with run underneath) one side of the run will be two pallets high (8 feet). So the roof (chicken wire) will be 8' tall pn one side and 4' on the other with a slanted chicken wire roof. I know pics or diagrams would be helpful but hopefuly you get the idea.

Now for my questions:
Using the pallets as my fencing I plan on dismantling them and spacing the the boards with about 1" spacing between. Is this ok?

Is only having the top and one end "wire" ok?

I plan on putting a couple windows in the coop for light and vents in the summer. Is that ok?

Anybody used the plastic poultry netting? I would only use it on the roof, i have some hardware cloth I would us in the one end and the door.

I am sure i will have lots more questions along the way. I have been lurking in the forums and this seems like a great bunch of people! Thanks in advance for all the help!

Is your structure with the pallets going to be their nighttime quarters?

One inch is still large enough for weasels and rats to get through, and they eat chickens. You would have to go with 1/4 inch to be really safe, and 1/2 inch is better than 1 inch.

Many people have just chicken wire up (which isn't predator proof at all- you need hardware cloth) for a daytime run if they will be closed up at night.

Plastic poultry netting and the wire netting are both not dogproof, raccoon-proof, or anything proof- but I use both for some of my daytime runs. They DO keep hawks out of your pen!
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My pallet structure is going to be the night time quarters as well as the walls of the run. The coop itself will be air tight but pallets would make the frame with plywood walls and floors.

Well i dont think i will have the time to lock them in the coop everynight, so I would like to be safe. the chicken wire would be 4ft to 8ft off the ground and only the top, not the walls.

As for the walls they will be pallets and i will go 1/2" to 1/4" in spacing to be safe.

Thanks for your insight!
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a couple generic pics to give you guys an idea what i am doing. i think i am going to do the hardware cloth instead of chicken wire.
the first pic is not to scale at all on the sides but thought i needed to give it the 3D look.



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