First Predator Scare!


10 Years
Oct 2, 2009
It's about 7:30 at night, and I go out to give my two girls some pellets and scratch(as treats). All of a sudden I hear a clatter of claws....I look up at the roof(I live in the city) and see a hawk staring down at me and my chickens!
I throw the rest of the food in my hand in it's general direction, hoping to scare it luck. It's about the size of my EE's, grey and white. I grab a rock and stare up at it, just waiting for it to make a move. It screeches softly down at me... I open my mouth and screech right back! That terrified my pullets, but the hawk/falcon/whatever didn't even seem to notice.

It moved up the roof, but I didn't dare leave the yard. Not until it left. After awhile, I heard the rush of wings and looked up to see it flying away. It had strings attached to its legs, so it must have escaped from somewhere. Gosh, I hope it's caught soon, and that it doesn't come back tomorrow!

I did look online, but I couldn't find anything about a lost raptor or bird of prey.
I think it was left unattended, attached to someone's whatever-you-call-them with jesses, then it bit through the knots and flew away. I've seen owls and hawks in my neighborhood on the stand things and also once a flyer for an escaped RTH. I guess some falconer wasn't too careful.

My heart is still pounding and I'm almost feeling a bit dizzy, but it's nothing too bad. It was really scary, though!
Strings on its legs??? Hawks are fond of chicken I agree (as I am) but strings on a birds legs??/ Seems wrong in a lot of ways. Maybe it was just caught up in some bird netting and can't get rid of the residue... will probably be his/her demise. Keep your birds under a wire netting roof and they will be fine.
Nah, it was long and skinny, and the two sides looked even. I can't really cover the whole yard, might not let them out of the coop tomorrow, though.

It's just how falconers contain their birds--just like how people use collars or harnesses attached to a leash for the dogs.

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