first setting of the year, just set 75 eggs


12 Years
Nov 7, 2007
Wister, Oklahoma
Hello all well this is the first set of the year, I set 75 eggs in my little giant incubator, the stirofoam kind. 2 dozen silkies, 2 dozen RIR, 1 dozen turkens, 1 dozen gamechickens, 3 seramas, 1 sipan, 1 easter eggers. I sat them last night so I will check fertility on the 14th, then agian on the 17th, then check the growth rate on the 21st. turning will stop on the 28th and hatch day is on the 30 and 31st. I will keep ya'll updated on the progress. I' am posting this for anyone who would like to compare their hatching process with mine, we all have our own ways that work for us, this is how I do it and I have a successful hatch about 90 % of the time. If I don't have a full hatch I do have at least 2 to 3 out of a bad set that does hatch. So it works for me. I start with the bator and I disinfected and set outside in the sunshine for about 2 to 3 days then I bring it in and set it up ( I have a cubby that I made for it in my kitchen it works great) I get it running and then I monitor the temp for about 1 1/2 to 2 days with out water in it. Then once I get a steady reading I add the water (luke warm, never cold or hot.) and watch the temp for a day to get the temp steady at 99.0 and then once it has help that temp for about a day then I set my eggs. I hand turn( found I get a better hatch this way) 3 times daily, keep water at a steady level (never have had a hygrometer) I do my first candle on about the 4th day then again 2 days later, then about 7 days I check the growth and then 4 days later check agian, 3 days before hatch day I stop turning and float each egg for 1 min. exactly and then wait excitedly for the big moment and when it happen I call the whole family and all my freinds and email and post everyone. I love chickens. lol:love:yiipchick

So check back often to keep up to date on our progress.
I know it takes a while to hand turn them all, but i love it. I hope every one of the hatches, that would be a dream come true.
. Could you just see that many chicks at once. Oh I would be in chicken heaven.
But alas its just a dream, it never happens that way with a big hatch like this. cuz you never get all the eggs fertile. But I can always hope.

I candled all the eggs on Friday the 14th and on the silkies there was about a 55% on growth, on the turkens it is hard to say because the shells where so dark but I think only 4 out of the 12 are growing, on the gamebirds 100% growth, on all 12, and the RIR about 80% out of the 2 1/2 dozens I got have growth, 5 seramas 100% growth, 1 siapan 100% growth, the EEgger I don't think is fertile. I took out about 10 all togather that did not show any signs of fertility or growth, and have since add more eggs, 4 asils, hubby keeps adding seramas and warhorses, he thinks hes being sneeky but i can tell their from his chickens and when hes added them,
I will candled again on monday night and them leave them alone until next friday when I do the growth rate check. Well I will keep ya'll posted. Cross your faingers.

Well the 2nd candling was last night and I ended up removing about 23 eggs that showed no growth or that showed a bloodring so, thats ok I guess, I did add more to that so I will be having a stagered hatch this year so my bators still full. well I will keep ya'll posted.


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