First show tomorrow!!! UPDATE: We did GREAT!


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Feb 21, 2010
Duvall, WA
I'm taking my chickies to their first show tomorrow and I'm really excited! I'm not expecting any grand awards or anything. Three of my birds are hatchery birds. The fourth is a gorgeous Silkie but pretty young so I doubt he'll do as well as more mature birds. That's ok though, we're just going for fun and for the experience. All four of them just had their baths and are in my bathroom drying by the heater vent... Pretty darn cute although there is nothing sadder looking than a soaking wet Silkie
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Just got back from checking on my chickens... We did AWESOME!!!

My Faverolle got 1st place and best of Breed and one of my Barred Rocks also got 1st place and Best of Breed! Not bad for a couple of hatchery birds! And my beautiful blue Silkie cockerel got 1st place and Best of Variety with quite a bit of competition! My other poor Barred Rock got last place... Poor little Eggie, she's always been my "special" chicken... Even so she's my absolute favorite chicken ever

I know it was just the fair but I'm really proud of my sweet babies, I never expected such good results! I'm really excited for next year as I'm working on getting some beautiful SQ Barred Rocks to start a breeding flock. Judging by how rare good quality BRs are we should do quite well. I've also got 2 gorgeous little Silkie babies from Catdance that I'm hoping to show once they grow up.

Here are some pics, please excuse the bad quality - those little buggers WOULD NOT sit still

Pidgeon the Chicken... 1st and Best of Breed. She was a SUPER scruffy little feed store chick. Didn't turn out half bad!

Rocky the Rock, 1st and Best of Breed...

Blue Silkie form CJ Silkies, 1st and Best of Variety

And sweet little Eggie... Dead last but 1st place in my heart

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