First time and humidity and temp questions


6 Years
Apr 6, 2013
Queensland, Australia
Hi Im in north Queensland Australia and this is my first go at incubating eggs I am using JN2-60
my eggs have only been in there for about 18 hours.

How important is the humidity at this stage?
with no water in the incubator is on 35% with even a small amount of water it sky rockets to 70%

I have the 3 thermometers in my incubator and I think its too hot :(
one a cooking bulb thermometer which is hard to read because 38 and 40 are only a mms apart but looks to be about 39
two digital thermometers reading 38.8 and 38.2. temps I am sure it needs to be at 37.5c

I have the incubator turned down to the to the lowest temp possible with no water in it.
How can I cool it down just a bit?
I am new to this too I have made some mistakes but as I call people for eggs for my incubator they tell me to keep water in it where the water goes and keep it 99.8-100 degrees that is the perfect temp if it is 99.8 anf yes you do need water in their becaust the heat will dry the eggs up and when 21 days come and they dont all hatch give it up to 25-28 days then if they dont hatch then you through them out. it is better is you have an egg turner . then you wont have to handle the eggs so much. it is better not to handle then alot. when they get 2 days befor hatching put your tray in and your turner out and then you will give them room to hatch when they come. after they hatch give them some time to get their balance they act drunk and cant stand up at the first little bit them they are ok.
Thanks Jinnjinn 123

My eggs are just a mixed lot of farm chooks my mum gave me from two different farms nothing pure bred got to learn how to do this before I buy eggs.

My problems is that if I put even a little bit of water the humidity goes way too high and my temp is also too high.
I dont know how to lower the temp as I have it set at the lowest setting and I dont know to get the humidity right

I thought I had read so much and it all sounded straight forwards enough.

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