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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by malmalmal, Dec 1, 2010.

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    Nov 24, 2010

    I have my brooder at 95 with two lights in it and the screen floor and a synthetic cardboard sample I got with it for new born chicks.
    I have the grit for baby chickens.
    And a few minutes ago I had my first ever new chick hatch in the incubator, with 7 more eggs cracking and wiggling around. Hes like 3 minutes old.
    When do I put him in the brooder?
    Do I just put the grit in a little ashtray size bowl?
    And some water in a little ashtray size bowl?

    I guess I should have read more! LOL

    I have all the supplies, just looking for some step by step on what the heck I do next!

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    Let the first one stay in there at least 24 hours., at 24 hours if there are none zipping, scoop out all of the fluffy chicks quickly, put them in the heated brooder and then immediately go back to the bator to ensure the humidity is still high enough... add warm water if needed. Then go have fun with the fluff balls.

    I never give mine grit and they do just fine. If you do have grit, I would microwave it first to kill any bacteria.
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    Be sure to put marbles or aquarium beads in the waterer. At first they are really stumbly and could drown if they fell in the water. I also give my electrolytes the first few days. It gives them some extra vitamins. Most people dip their beaks in the water but I find that if I tap on the side they will come over to investigate and as soon as one drinks they all follow.
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  4. malmalmal

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    Nov 24, 2010
    Sounds good !

    I knew I wouldn't go to bed tonight as soon as I noticed the crack in the first egg. Around 9 it really started wiggling a lot and it took him about 3 hours to bust free. This is awesome. First time as you can tell. So just leave him in there and dont worry about food or water or anything for the first 24 hours?

    Time to find some little rocks or marbles and looks like Im rocking and rolling here. Thanks again!!!

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