First time broody we have Peeping!! UPDATE!!


8 Years
Jul 9, 2011
Northern Wisconsin
This is my first broody Silkie she's only about a year old, I went to check on her and we have one peeping and a crack:D

Please any advise to watch for or what I do after the chicks have hatched would be great!

The real question for me is she going to be a good mom? I am nervous she may kill the chick or something! I have my daughters appt and then I will be checking again!!

So excited for her!!!

I also know that she may abandon the rest or that's what I was told? Can you move them to a incubator? Any advise on that would great!

All advise welcome! :)


We have one very healthy chick! the other 3 eggs have not done anything yet a little worried that she may end up leaving them if nothing happens here.

Okay now for advise I noticed that if the chick comes out from under her she sometimes will peck at it?!!?!! IS that NORMAL?!!

I will post pictures tomorrow, I don't want to bother her. They are in our Guest bedroom in a XL dog crate, I had to move her 2 days ago because the temps for this week were going to be negatives and I knew the chicks were due soon. She appears okay with the move so far.

Also she is very very skinny, when I moved her all I could feel was breast bone!!!! Is that normal?! This silkie has been "brooding for 2.5 months I couldn't get her out of the funk and just gave in and gave her the eggs shes hatching now. Should I be concerned about her weight?
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How exciting!
My silkie's egg are due to hatch this weekend she has 4 silkie eggs and 2 turken eggs, I feed her in her nest because to my knowledge she doesn't leave it but she must because there is food around the feeder and she's the only one that has acess to it since she's in a xl metal kennel. Sometimes the peck as a way to say it's too cold get back where it's warm or it's a warning peck to a too curious chick who is trying to investigate it's world
How fun!! We have a silkie sitting on 1 egg and it due to hatch at any time! This is our first hatch also but I figure the momma knows what she is doing more than I do.... Here's hoping all goes well!

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