First time building incubator and hatching eggs, eggs set 12/22 anyone else??

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    Dec 15, 2012
    I built an incubator similar to the ones shown on the coops page, only using a clear storage tote. I'm using manual turning, Tupperware lid and sponge for humidity, no fan, 60w round bulb for heat. Temps and humidity are steady. I let it run overnight before adding my eggs. I have a brinsea 20 Eco ordered and shipped, but with snow and the holidays, it's taking FOREVER to get here!! One set of eggs (lav orpingtons) arrived Monday and the other set (blue Swedish) arrived yesterday. I built this incubator to use until my brinsea gets here and then use it as a hatcher. So far the eggs have been in for about 24 hours. So far, so good!!!

    I'm praying this setup works out!! I know I'm being foolhardy by using shipped eggs and testing the bator, but its my only option. Anyone else setting eggs??

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    [​IMG] Cool Christmas present!!!

    A bunch of us have eggs in your welcome to come join us on thread Ignore the title there are a bunch of us hatchers on the thread and check in daily, also some newbees and some kiddos incubating eggs the we are helping along too!! Summary of the thread, all the notes and links and such are in an article Come on over and say hello and let everyone know what you set!!! We are keeping the thread alive so we can continue to help others!

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