First Time Chick Hatching! Need HELP!


6 Years
Aug 25, 2013
So I have already hatched 2 chicks and I think I did mess up a little on this first round. Let me explain; I had a broody silkie in the coop and also a broody turkey. When I was going to move Bernice(silkie) out of the coop and into her own little area, the turkey, Broody, was in with her with all her eggs. How she moved them all into this dog kennel is beyond me. Anyways I put them into the chick coop that I made for them out of a bathroom vanity and they both sat happily in there until the chicks started hatching. Broody thought that since the chicks were hatching that she didn't need to sit on her eggs anymore and I'm pretty sure that they're not going to hatch :( So I think I know what I did wrong there. I should have kept them separated to not confuse anyone, at least that's what I think I should have done differently. So new dilemma that I'm having, I have another chicken that has gone broody and I just wanted to get some suggestions as to what I should do with her. Being that my chick coop is occupied with chicks and protective mommies, I'm a little weary on what I'm going to do. Any suggestions, advice, or even similar experiences would be greatly appreciated!
Do you have a pet taxi she could stay in until her eggs hatch? I have a jumbo dog crate (use to transport a goat or guardian dog) that I've used in a pinch, setting a small pet taxi (containing fresh straw and fertile eggs) with it's door open inside the crate. This gives the the broody hen not only a bit of privacy, but also room to get up and move around without being bothered by nosy hens/ducks wanting to sneak a peek or wanting to their eggs in her nest.

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