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Apr 30, 2015
Good Morning!
I recently just got 8 chickens and they are a mixed flock. My grandparents had chickens while I was growing up and the grandchildren were responsible for them. There were about 50 chickens and 22 of us cousins. I loved gathering the eggs and then grandma would make us sunny eggs as we called them. My gma was a very special lady her name was Grace. I named my sweetest chicken after her Gracie....because my chickens bring back those memories.

Anyways, even though this is my first time having my "own" chickens I do have prior expierence. I look forward to being a part of BYC learning from others and sharing too!

Theresa.....aka Gracie Chick
Thanks for sharing your story. Naming Gracie after your grandmother is so sweet.

I am so glad you decided to join us.
Hello there and welcome to BYC!

You have come to the right place for all the fun and learning! Lots of us grew up around chickens and still have the desire to raise them as well as adults. Once chickens get into your blood, there is no getting them out. LOL

Make yourself at home here and we do welcome you to our flock!
Im excited to be a part of BYC. My friends dont like chickens :( they think they are dirty. I disagree :)

My husband built me a fancy coop that is easy to keep clean. I cant wait to share some pics!
Hi :welcome

Glad you could join the flock! How lovely of you to name your favourite hen after your grandma that is very sweet of you. I too have some friends who think the same about chickens. That they are dirty or have diseases or will scratch and peck at you. Oh and the horror if I let them out in the garden!! Makes me laugh really as they don't realise what they are missing out on with not keeping chickens.

Good luck with your flock and looking forward to seeing your pics :frow
What a nice tribute to your grandmother. I named something after a dear friend and called her "Amazing Grace." She really was and had a great sense of humor.

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