First time chicken mama


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Jul 4, 2022
Hey there- first time chicken mama to 6 awesome chicks, Stella (Speckled Sussex), Ouiser (Barred Rock, Buckeye), Dorothy (Green Queen Easter Egger), Clarice (Olive Egger), Gertie (Golden Laced Wyandotte)..

My husband and I enjoy watching the chicks and their playfulness and their silly antics. Three nights ago they all finally learned to go into the coop at dusk before the door came down and we high-fived ourselves like we had just won a major league ball game.

Other hobbies I have include reading hiking cycling canning gardening camping and hanging out with our family.

My husband and I have been married for 33 years we have three adult children two wonderful in-laws and five grand dogs. We have two dogs a Berniedoodle and a Multi Pooh that love our chickens and think they’re the craziest things they’ve ever seen!
I’m so excited to join backyard chickens I heard about this community from the YouTube channel Oak abode in this community has been a tremendous help in the first eight weeks of raising our chicks. Excited to learn more!

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