First Time Chicken Owner in CNY


10 Years
Jun 8, 2009
Upstate New York
Hey everyone!

I'm Michelle and I have been visiting this site and others for information about chickens for several months now, but have made this pretty much my main source of info after a chat with a member on here from whom I got my first chicks.

My husband and I were thinking about getting chickens to go along with my above-ground pool-sized veggie garden that I finally got going this spring. The story of our garden is a bit odd... we finally demolished the ragged old above ground pool ruined by neglect from the previous owners of our home. It took up 1/3 of our decently sized but still smallish city yard and was useless. Instead of tossing the aluminum base that the supports screwed into... we used it for the garden to secure fencing to. Strange but it works.

Fresh eggs, fresh veggies, and an endless supply of fertilizer... we knew we wanted to start our first flock sometime soon!

Around my birthday in early May I found a listing for some Cochins and Delawares which I was very interested in, and the hubby took me to go see them and of course we did not leave empty handed! I am very gracious to Tgrlily for the tour she gave us of her fabulous coop as well as great advice and a recommendation to stick to BYC for my info. I am also of course grateful for my first 3 chicks and my favorite birthday gifts, all healthy and sweet little things that made first time chicken ownership much easier. I got a several week old Black Cochin, a newly hatched Lt Brahma, and my little Delaware. We also went to a local farm and picked up an EE and a BR both about 2 weeks old to round out our flock of easy-going winter-hardy layers (pictures of all 5 chicks and the coop in progresshere ).

So... this has become really long, I tend to type too much! Anyways, wanted to introduce myself finally and my little flock of hopefully mostly pullets!

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